Spotlight on the Chromatrap® ChIP-Seq Range
18 Jul 2019
Spotlight on the Chromatrap® ChIP-Seq Range

The Chromatrap® ChIP-seq range is part of our signature offering. But what makes it so special? The reason why our ChIP-seq kit is the best one on the market for sensitive ChIP assays comes down to the fact that it offers the correct protein orientation for capture.  

We have developed our bead-free technology to enable maximum capture of antibody. Unlike most bead-based systems which have capture proteins scattered in random orientation, our bead-free ChIP seq kit uses inert filter-based ChIP technology to correctly orientate capture proteins, allowing full access of antibodies to binding pockets of proteins. This approach improves the overall capture efficiency and ensures high sensitivity, which is especially important for the detection of low abundant targets binding.

How Chromatrap®’s bead-free ChIP-seq technology compares to beads


Chromatrap® ChIP-Seq key features and benefits

Best for Sensitivity

The revolutionary Chromatrap® bead-free ChIP kit provides correctly orientated proteins for maximum chromatin-antibody binding and capture.

Perfect for Low Samples

With the best sensitivity on the market, our ChIP-seq kit can perform ChIP assays using as little as 1000 cells.

ChIP in 5 Hours

The innovative ChIP-seq technology also helps boost the speed of your research, so you don’t have to deal with lengthy blocking or overnight steps.

Quality Sequencing Data

The next generation ChIP-seq solution from Chromatrap® provides over 95% uniquely mapped reads for transcription factors and histone modifications as well as FASTQ > 30.