Chromatrap® is a revolutionary bead-free platform for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP).

Find out below how our unique technology works and why it is becoming the preferred choice of performing ChIP by researchers worldwide.

What is Chromatrap?

Chromatrap is a new, quicker, easier and more efficient way of performing ChIP assays. Chromatrap uses spin columns or 96 well filter plates and each column or well contains an inert porous polymer disc that is functionalised with Protein-A or Protein-G.

With pores designed to maximize the binding capacity of antibody-chromatin complexes, all Immunocapture can occur on the disc. Washing with three buffers and a simple elution step are all that is required to obtain the selectively enriched DNA, making Chromatrap® more efficient in the laboratory.

Why is Chromatrap® technology better?

Unlike bead-based ChIP, Chromatrap eliminates common manual handling problems and the need for time-consuming blocking steps to reduce non-specific binding. In under 5 hours from chromatin loading to qPCR or sequencing, Chromatrap significantly reduces the assay time for ChIP, enabling more samples to be analysed increasing laboratory throughput and efficiency.

  • Reduced IP times - ChIP in under 5hrs
  • Less manual handling - Reduced errors and sample loss
  • Wide dynamic range - ChIP from as little as 1000 cells
  • Highly sensitive - Perfect for low abundant proteins and transcription factors
  • Low background – No pre-blocking required
  • High throughput capability - Test multiple sample, antibody and gene targets
  • Cost-efficient solution - Save precious antibody 

The Chromatrap patented format is unique and has been granted in the UK (Patent No. GB2482209), the US (Patent No. 9523681), China (Patent No. ZL 2011 8 0067254.X) and Japan (Patent No. JP 6088434) and Australia (Patent No. AU 2011340263).

How does Chromatrap perform in the laboratory?


  • Target enrichment typically 6x greater with Chromatrap
  • Best signal-to-noise of any kit at low chromatin loadings
  • Less non-specific binding
  • Wider dynamic range: 500ng - 50μg chromatin


  • Target enrichment typically 15-20x greater with Chromatrap
  • 2-3x higher signal-to-noise than bead-based methods
  • Shorter protocol, higher chromatin yields
  • Less manual handling & increased binding capacity within column
  • No DNA clean up required for qPCR
  • Perform several ChIP assays from a single sample


“Chromatrap® is an easy product to use, more efficient and very effective. If you compare Chromatrap® with older methods, it basically saves you a whole day of time!”
Dr Curtis Warren, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard University

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