Chromatrap is...


  • Complete Chromatin preparation to qPCR ready DNA in under 5 hours
  • Process up to 96 Chip assays simultaneously
  • Save time with reduced incubation steps


  • Less manual handling and fewer pipetting steps 
  • Multiple sample, antibody and gene targets can be tested in parallel 
  • More IP assays from a single sample

More Sensitive

  • Reduced sample loss 
  • Optimised for 1000 ng sample sizes 
  • Low non-specific binding 

Who uses Chromatrap®?

Chromatrap® is being used by the following institutes and organizations across the globe.

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Cancer Research UK
University of Cambridge
Rice University
Harvard University
University of Michigan
Brown University
Swansea University
Essex University
University of Southern California
Arrixaca Hospital

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