Enzymatic Shearing Kit
29 Sep 2016
University of Pennsylvania release publication on developing natural killer cells using Chromatrap®’s Enzymatic Shearing Kit


Chromatrap® is delighted to reveal that the University of Pennsylvania have released a publication which references the use of Chromatrap®’s Enzymatic Shearing Kit. The publication is called ‘Activating Receptor Signals Drive Receptor Diversity in Developing Natural Killer Cells’ and was published on August 8th 2016 by the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

 The publication explains how recently it has been appreciated that Natural Killer (NK) cells exhibit many features that are reminiscent of adaptive immune cells. NK cells are important cells of the immune system, because they kill abnormal cells such as those infected with viruses or have become cancerous.

They explore this topic in the manuscript and demonstrate that signals from activating receptors are critical for induction of Ly47 and KIR receptors during NK cell development. They discovered that activating receptor-derived signals increased the probability of the Ly49 bidirectional Pro1 promoter to transcribe in the forward versus the reverse direction, leading to stable expression of Ly49 receptors in mature NK cells.

Chromatrap®’s Enzymatic Shearing kit was used as part of this research for chromatin immunoprecipitation. Our Enzymatic Shearing Kit provides an excellent method for the preparation of high quality chromatin for ChIP analysis and it is great to see that the University of Pennsylvania saw some positive results with the kit.

 The Enzymatic Shearing kit is currently available to buy online now and we have the relevant protocol attached. This protocol is quick and simple to use and we believe the Chromatrap® Enzymatic Shearing kit is very cost-effect in comparison to sonication.

 This kit also provides buffers to optimise the shearing conditions of chromatin by enzymatic digestion. Plus, it generates enough chromatin to perform up to 24 ChIPs using a standard Chromatrap® ChIP spin column kit or up to 96 IPs using the Chromatrap® 96 HT microplate kit.

You can find out more details about the Enzymatic Shearing kit as well as the rest of our range of ChIP kits through our online store. 

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