Chromatrap® Announces Updated and Improved ChIP-Seq Protocol (v1.5)
25 Jan 2018
Chromatrap® Announces Updated and Improved ChIP-Seq Protocol (v1.5)

The Chromatrap® team are happy to announce that their popular Chromatrap® ChIP-Seq kits now include fully optimised protocols for tissue extraction. This will allow researchers to use the same kit on a variety of cell lines primary cells and tissue. The good news doesn’t end there – the kits are optimised for both fresh and frozen tissue and with such small amounts of tissue (50mg) used compared to other supplier kits.  This means with our Chromatrap® ChIP-Seq kit you will be able to save and maximize on your precious samples!

What’s new in the ChIP-Seq protocol?

The protocol provides guidelines on how to achieve the most efficient extraction from small amounts of tissue. Whether you are using sonication or enzymatic digestion we have it covered. Optimised Lysis and Hypotonic buffers ensures you get the most chromatin out of your samples with the added benefit of saving precious biological material. With the new ChIP-Seq protocol, ChIP is possible with as little as 50mg of tissue!

Recent publications featuring research using the Chromatrap ChIP-Seq on tissue highlights the benefits of using the improved protocol thus giving scientists confidence in the kits for their research needs.

If you would like to find out more in-depth information on how our Chromatrap® ChIP-Seq kit has been improved, you can download a copy of the Chromatrap ChIP-seq protocol v1.5.

Furthermore, for researchers using FFPE tissue, we also have the Chromatrap® FFPE ChIP kit available.

Start maximising your samples with our updated ChIP-Seq method – order your Chromatrap® ChIP-Seq kit today. Alternatively, if you are not sure which the best kit for your research needs is, follow our ChIP kit guide or contact our team for assistance.