Uppsala University Researchers On Working with Chromatrap ChIP Technology
25 Jul 2018
Uppsala University Researchers On Working with Chromatrap ChIP Technology

If you regularly check in with Chromatrap® news, you would know we love hearing about all the ways in which our ChIP kits help improve research in various scientific institutions across the globe.

Demand for our revolutionary bead-free platform for chromatin immunoprecipitation is constantly growing across many businesses, laboratories, academic groups and biopharmaceutical organisations involved with epigenetic research, and it is always lovely to hear how our technology has helped their research.

Most recently, we had Antonia Kalushkova and Alba Atienza Párraga from Uppsala University’s Dept. of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology tell us about their experience using Chromatrap ChIP technology in their PhD research.

How did you first hear about Chromatrap?

One of our colleagues from Uppsala University was contacted by the local distributor for Sweden, Daniel Käll from Nordic Diagnostica.

Why did you choose to work with Chromatrap?

The Chromatrap kits allowed us to handle 90 samples at the same time, which was needed for a current collaboration. What’s more, even before we experienced it first-hand, we knew the ChIP kits from Chromatrap had a reputation for being very easy to work with.  

Which Chromatrap kit did you purchase?

Originally, we the Chromatrap ChIP-Seq Protein G 24 samples kit and the Chromatrap High Throughput ChIP-Seq Protein G 96 samples kit for our research. Recently, we have also purchased a Chromatrap ChIP-seq Protein A 24 samples kit.

How did you use the Chromatrap kit within your research?

We used the Chromatrap kits to prepare samples for ChIP-seq in order to both investigate the genome-wide binding of TFs and genome-wide distribution of several chromatin modifications in human cancer cell lines.

What difference has the kit made to your research?

The Chromatrap kits helped us to prepare 90 samples for ChIP-seq in a timely and reproducible manner. In fact, the Chromatrap High Throughput ChIP-seq kits are the only option available on the market for the simultaneous preparation of 96 ChIP-seq samples.

Using the ChIP-seq kits, we were able to perform start-to-end multiplexed sample preparation, from initial cell cross-linking to final DNA isolation, and achieve a high sample yield and quality.

How would you describe your experience with Chromatrap overall?

The Chromatrap ChIP-seq kits are very easy to use and provide a fast track to chromatin immunoprecipitation for the less experienced users. At the same time, the kits also provide enough flexibility for the experienced user to be able to adapt the protocol to their specific research needs. In addition to that, the Chromatrap High Throughput ChIP-seq kits were invaluable when preparing a large number of samples.     

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