Chromatrap Revolutionises Library Preparation with UniqSeq
27 Feb 2018
Chromatrap Revolutionises Library Preparation with UniqSeq

At Chromatrap we know how important high quality library preparation is for a successful sequencing assay. That’s why we are constantly working towards developing a kit which ensures even the most complex libraries obtain the lowest bias with highest coverage.

Creating high quality, complex libraries doesn’t have to be a daunting task which is why we created the Chromatrap® UniqSeq kit. It is a simple and easy-to-use kit that combines our patented, revolutionary bead free ChIP kit with next generation buffer chemistry to deliver a faster and more efficient workflow from start to finish. With the newest product in the ChIP kit range, you can now sequentially perform ChIP and library preparation for next generation sequencing without the need to buy extra library preparation reagents. The UniqSeq kit contains reagents and buffers for 24 ChIP’s and 24 library preparations with up to 12 indices all of which fully compatible with Illumina instruments. Whether you want to prepare your chromatin by sonication or enzymatic digestion Chromatrap have it covered.

What are the benefits of Chromatrap’s UniqSeq kit?

The UniqSeq kit is incredibly cost-effective, as it provides all the reagents you need from start to finish in one complete package. With the ability to ChIP from as little as 1000 cells and library input as low as 500pg, the UniqSeq ensures you get the most from your chromatin while still maintaining high quality reads for your sequencing. What’s more, no bead dependent clean-up is required between reactions, since end-repair, A-tail and ligate can be performed in a single tube reaction. Reducing the number of manual handling steps mean less time at your lab bench and more sample!   Using the UniqSeq kit allows researchers to prepare libraries for sequencing and validate by qPCR from the same sample.

What additional features does the UniqSeq kit offer?

Chromatrap’s newest kit features an industry-leading bead-free system for performing highly sensitive, effective ChIP with ease. What’s more, this system allows for the flexibility of size selection by eliminating the need for beads to choose your desired DNA size. The UniqSeq kit also allows researchers to minimize GC bias and obtain high library yields with high fidelity of original sample thanks to its high fidelity PCR Mix.

Streamline your ChIP and Library Preparation with the Chromatrap® UniqSeq kit – order yours today and enjoy high quality, hassle-free library preparation at a great cost. If you have any further queries about our new kit, please don’t hesitate to contact our team!