Introducing the new Chromatrap Drosophila ChIP-Seq Range
07 Jul 2019
Introducing the new Chromatrap Drosophila ChIP-Seq Range

The Chromatrap® team are pleased to announce that we have developed the first ever commercial ChIP kit range dedicated to the genetic organism Drosophila (fruit fly), which is extremely popular in the field of genetic and epigenetic research.

Designed to save researchers time by doing away with the need for various research protocols, our Drosophila ChIP kit offers the best sensitivity on the market for processing Drosophila chromatin. Combining unique buffers for Drosophila chromatin extraction with Chromatrap®’s unique, bead-free technology for highly sensitive ChIP assay, the single optimised kit provides an easy and sensitive workflow for Drosophila researchers.

As part of our Drosophila ChIP kit, we have created a range of products, including Drosophila UniqSeq, ChIP-Seq, Antibodies and Primer Sets.

How Chromatrap®’s Drosophila ChIP kit works


Chromatrap® Drosophila ChIP-Seq key features and benefits

Optimised Chromatin Extraction Protocol

Our highly sensitive ChIP kit helps researchers achieve maximum yield of high-quality ChIP-ready chromatin from a range of Drosophila tissues.

Perfect for Low Samples

The Chromatrap Drosophila ChIP-seq technology is perfect for extracting ChIP from as little as 5 Drosophila specimens.

Best for Sensitivity

Our Drosophila ChIP kit is also tailored to provide correctly orientated proteins for maximum chromatin-antibody binding and capture.

ChIP in 5 Hours

Using bead-free Drosophila chromatin tools will also help speed up you research, doing away with lengthy blocking and overnight steps.

View our Chromatrap Drosophila ChIP-Seq protocol.