matching primer sets
11 Feb 2016
Chromatrap ChIP-validated antibodies can now be supplied with matching primer sets

Chromatrap®  announces that its high quality ChIP-validated antibodies can now be supplied with optimised matching primer sets.

Using this out-of-box solution there is now no need to waste your valuable time searching databases and designing your own forward and reverse primers.  Purchasing Chromatrap®  ChIP-validated antibodies with their matching high-quality primers, saves you time and gives you the confidence of using primers tested with the exact antibody and gene target with which you work.

Many common epigenetic targets of interest are now available as combined antibody and primer sets.  In addition Chromatrap®  offers sense and antisense primers on their own for common targets.

You can view our high quality Primer sets online and order your ChIP-validated antibodies & matching primers today.

For further information please contact the team at Chromatrap or request a data sheet from