Chromatrap® DNA Extraction kits now optimised for blood extraction
08 Aug 2018
Chromatrap® DNA Extraction kits now optimised for blood extraction

A key element in modern day health diagnostics is the ability to cater for blood testing. The newest protocol update to our DNA extraction kit allows for whole blood and serum to be efficiently extracted and purified with the same high quality result as cells or tissues.

Chromatrap® DNA Extraction kit overview

The DNA Extraction kit from the easy-to-use, easy-to-choose range is capable of obtaining ultra-pure DNA from cultured cells, tissues and now whole blood and serum that is free from contaminants, sales and inhibitors. With our high volume binding capacity, DNA is efficiently lysed, captured and eluted from our unique spin column and 96 well plate designs.

An easy, quick and efficient alternative to other DNA extraction technology available, the Chromatrap® DNA Extraction kit is a uniform solution for performing total (genomic and mitochondrial) DNA extraction and purification.

What’s new in the DNA Extraction protocol?

In addition to providing a revolutionary one-kit solution to blood extraction and testing, the new and improved DNA Extraction protocol features a number of highlights, including:

  • Unique buffer chemistry which allows efficient cell lysis from difficult cell types
  • Phenol- and chloroform-free extraction
  • Simple extraction with easy centrifugation steps and minimal handling time
  • Excellent high quality pure DNA obtained

Chromatrap® DNA Extraction Protocol v1.1 – overview

Extracting blood doesn’t have to be a complicated task! Revolutionise your health diagnostics or genetics research without spending needlessly long time looking for a myriad of kits for the various types of extraction - our DNA Extraction kit does it all, now including blood!