Simplify Cannabis Sample Preparation with Chromatrap®’s handy Homogeniser
29 Mar 2020
Simplify Cannabis Sample Preparation with Chromatrap®’s handy Homogeniser

The scientific interest in cannabis continues to grow as more countries widely legalise the plant for both research and medicinal use. Conducting accurate high-throughput analysis of its active ingredients – most notably the psychoactive THC and the analgesic CBD – has become a key step towards accurately determining the ratio of the cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant material.


In order to optimise the therapeutic uses of cannabis, scientists must first perform highly effective sample preparation from samples of cannabis leaf, bud and flower. After all, getting the ratio of THC and CBD in the sample right is an instrumental part of differentiating medicinal versus recreational cannabis.


Our revolutionary homogeniser spin column offers the perfect alternative to the traditional syringe and needle method. Capable of performing quick, clean and efficient homogenisation, the spin column is also equipped with our unique bio-shredding Vyon® polymer which reduces the viscosity of lysate, allowing for optimal sample preparation for nucleic acid miniprep and midiprep.


We recommend using the Chromatrap® Homogeniser Spin Column in conjunction with the Porvair Sciences plant and seed genomics deep well plate (Product# 219030) to achieve the most effective sample preparation clean up.


Transform your cannabis sample preparation with our Chromatrap® Homogeniser Spin Column.