Easy-to-use DNA Purification Kits
21 Nov 2017
Easy-to-use DNA Purification Kits

We are delighted to announce that we have launched a range of easy-to-use, affordable DNA kits for routine molecular biology applications.

Our Chromatrap® DNA kits leverage a uniquely designed spin column and proprietary buffer chemistry. All of the DNA kits are free from salts, contaminants and inhibitors, to provide the perfect high recovery of top quality DNA for your downstream applications.

The Chromatrap® DNA Extraction kit provides a reliable protocol to isolate superior quality DNA from a wide range of samples sources, including difficult cell and tissue types. This kit benefits from high volume binding capacity which ensures DNA is efficiently lysed, captured and eluted. Available in two designs - 96-well plate and spin column - the Chromatrap® DNA Extraction kit is quick and easy to use, and ensures high quality and recovery of DNA during the first steps of fundamental molecular biology applications.

The new DNA and Gel Purification kits introduced by Chromatrap routinely deliver high yield and ultra-pure DNA for a wide range of molecular biological applications, and are designed to be quick and easy to use.

The Chromatrap® DNA Purify & Concentrate kit is designed for scientists looking to clean up and concentrate DNA in as little as 5µl (5-10 µg DNA) elution volume with the use of techniques such as PCR and Restriction Enzyme Digestion. The high recovery of superior quality DNA this new kit provides is ideal for downstream applications.

Researchers can rapidly and easily purify preferred DNA sizes, from a wide range of sample sources with the new Chromatrap® Size Selection kit. This kit uses 3 simple steps (bind, wash and elute), taking under 5 minutes, and enables scientists to elute superior quality DNA fragments of their desired size for applications such as library preparation for next generation sequencing.

Visit our DNA kits page for further information on our affordable, easy-to-use DNA technology, or contact our tech support team if you have a query.


Our Director of Sales & Marketing Stephen Knight introduces the three exciting new solid state DNA extraction kits: