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DNA Size Selection Kits

Easily purify your preferred DNA fragments from a wide range of sample sources with the Chromatrap Size Selection kit. In 3 simple steps (bind, wash and elute) in under 5 minutes, elute superior quality DNA fragments of your desired size for downstream applications such as library preparation for next generation sequencing in under 5 minutes.

Input Volume: Up to 100 µl solution

Sample Size: 50bp, 100bp, 150bp & 200bp. Flexible with easy buffer adjustments

Elution Volume: 20 – 50 µl

DNA Recovery: Up to 98%

Sample Type: ChIP samples, PCR mixtures, Enzyme Reactions and DNA samples, NGS libraries

Downstream Applications: Library Preparation, Next Generation Sequencing, Restriction Digest, Ligations, PCR

Protocol Length: 5 minutes

Format: 50 Spin Columns or 96 Well Plates

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Chromatrap® DNA Size Selection
Product Code : 500262
Product Image
Chromatrap® DNA Size Selection
Product Code : 500262
Chromatrap® DNA Size Selection Protocol

Precise bead-free size selection of desired DNA fragments ranging from 50bp to 200bp.

Easily choose your preferred size by ethanol selection for added flexibility.

Compatible with Chromatrap UniqSeq ChIP and Library Preparation Kit.  

Chromatrap® High-Throughput DNA Size Selection
Product Code : 500263
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Chromatrap® High-Throughput DNA Size Selection
Product Code : 500263
Chromatrap® HT DNA Size Selection Protocol

High-throughput format of DNA size selection for improved reproducibility and sensitivity.

Kit Contents: Chromatrap® HT Size Selection plate (2), 96-well Collection Plate (2), 96-well Elution plate (2), SzS Binding Buffer, SzS Wash Buffer, SzS Elution Buffer



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