30 Aug 2016
University of Wisconsin-Madison: “If you use Chromatrap® it will be the easiest ChIP-Seq experiment you’ve ever done!”

At Chromatrap® we love hearing feedback from our customers and recently Ashika-Sita Jayanthy, a Research Assistant at University of Wisconsin-Madison, got in touch about her experience using Chromatrap®’s  ChIP-Seq kit.

Chromatrap® is used by many businesses and laboratories, and it is always lovely to hear how our revolutionary solid state platform for chromatin immunoprecipitation has helped their research.

What are you currently studying at University of Wisconsin-Madison?

I am a fifth year graduate student at the University and I am studying MITF, which is a critical transcription factor in melanoma.

What is a typical working day for you?

I spend a decent amount of time at the bench doing cell biology, cell culture and studying qPCR. I also work quite a bit at my computer so I try and divide my time between the two, I am definitely always very busy!

Why did you choose this particular area of study?

It is a very important topic, especially in terms of the impact it potentially has on melanoma treatment. I also felt it would really help me to develop a skillset in terms of biosemiotics and cell and molecular biology at the bench.

When did you first hear about Chromatrap®?

One of my labmates went to the AACR Annual Meeting 2016 and they met Chromatrap® as they had a stand at the exhibition. I didn’t go to the exhibition but my friend put me in touch with Chromatrap® and they sent me a kit. At the time I wasn’t getting great results with my antibodies in a decent amount of time, so I was advised that Chromatrap® might be able to help.

What was your experience like using Chromatrap®?

I used the kit for qPCR and I loved it! Before I started using the kit I was very uncertain that it would work as usually ChIP-Seq from start to finish takes a couple of days. Before I used the kit I budgeted in extra time and then decided to give it a shot. I couldn’t believe it when I used it, as it did everything within a day! It also wasn’t an exhausting day, it was pretty normal!

What were the qPCR results like?

The next day I looked at the qPCR results and everything was beautiful! It looked amazing and I received the results I was looking for, which was fantastic. I really wasn’t optimistic as I had had so many failed results in the past, so it was a great to see some positive results.

What makes Chromatrap® unique?

I would say that the fact that Chromatrap®’s kits work and they are so easy to use! I believe that there is no other ChIP kit on the market like Chromatrap® as it’s literally a column which you incubate your mixture with. I hadn’t tried anything like it before.

Would you recommend Chromatrap®?

Absolutely! I would say that it will be the easiest ChIP-Seq experiment that you have ever done! Everyone should give it a try!

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