Introducing Our New Team Member - Sahar
17 May 2017
Introducing Our New Team Member - Sahar

At Chromatrap we place great importance on our team – our experts are passionate scientists as well as dynamic and friendly people, and everyone is dedicated, above all, to offering the best customer service possible. 

Introducing Sahar Osman

We recently caught up with our latest recruit, Marketing Executive, Sahar Osman, about her academic and professional career to date, and the things she was most looking forward to in her new role at Chromatrap. Find out more about Sahar from her answers below: 

What is your academic background?

I did my undergraduate degree in Genetics, followed by an M.res in Genetics, both completed at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. I then moved to Nottingham in 2015 to study my masters in Applied Biotechnology Biopharmaceutical Entrepreneurship (exhale!). This was great as it combined both my love for science and interest in business. 

Tell us more about your previous work experience…

As part of my masters I undertook a 3 month internship at a healthcare branding start up based at Medicity, Nottingham. From the launch of a new brand during the internship, I continued to work for the company until the end of April 2017. During the 11 months at the start up I took on the role of Brand and Marketing Manager, managing 2 brands, which was challenging and exciting. 

What does your new job involve?

Broadly, my job involves growing the Chromatrap brand by developing and driving digital and commercial activities alongside Chromatrap’s scientific developments. This can range from working in the lab with the products gaining hands-on experience, to creating amazing marketing material for conferences and tradeshows. I will also work alongside the team to provide technical support for the company. 

Which part of your job are you most looking forward to, and why?

I am very much looking forward to working with the technical team and having the opportunity to grow the brand. Working close to the team enables me to understand the technology, work alongside its development and translate the experience into marketing.

Brainstorming and looking for new ways to communicate and build brand awareness is something that I also enjoy; thus with a new product on the market, I look forward to the challenges inherent to it. Simply having the opportunity to work in a life science company from a business perspective is what I look forward to the most about my job. 

How would you describe your work self in 3 words?

Curious, immersive and usually craving a good cup of tea! 

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy cooking & baking – especially trying out new recipes! I also love playing tennis and video gaming. 

How would you describe the team at Chromatrap?

A wonderful & friendly dedicated team of experts, with the dining savvy to introduce a newcomer to great spots around the city. 

What do you think makes Chromatrap different from other companies?

The team at Chromatrap. With a small team passionate about scientific research and the Chromatrap technology, there is an emphasis on providing excellent customer service and technical support. It is clear that the customer is at the centre of the business! 

The team are continuously improving and developing the solid state technology and the protocols. Chromatrap's unique system itself is a strength in the competitive landscape and the company on a mission to advance epigenetics and gene regulation research by making its solid state technology a standard method of choice. 



If you too want to become part of the Chromatrap team, keep an eye on our News section, where we post available vacancies. You can get in touch with our team anytime using our contact form, or give us a call on the numbers provided.