purification plate
16 May 2016
Experience rapid production of ultra-pure DNA with Chromatrap®

Chromatrap® has announced a new 96-well high throughput purification plate for production of ultra-pure DNA.

Using proprietary filtration media that allow much higher loadings of active material than has been previously possible, typical assay times using the Chromatrap® DNA Purification Plate are less than 5 minutes.

Buffers are optimised to remove any unwanted impurities while providing efficient DNA recovery from samples. The Chromatrap® DNA Purification Kit is designed for the purification and concentration of samples from PCR mixtures, ChIP and restriction enzyme digestions.

Using this unique kit researchers can purify up to 10 µg DNA in small elution volumes (5-10 µl), providing a cleaner and more concentrated sample required for applications such as library preparation for DNA sequencing.

Chromatrap®'s purification kits are available online:

For further information please visit our purification plates product page or contact Chromatrap® on support@chromatrap.com