chromatrap launches a new website
16 Mar 2016
Chromatrap® launches a new website alongside new products

Following extensive customer research, Chromatrap® has re-designed its website to better serve the needs of end users. 

With an expanding product range, new families of ChIP validated antibodies and a suite of useful new support information including articles, application notes, video tutorials and guides a new site was required. The bright, fresh new website layout makes it easier and quicker to find the ideal Chromatrap ChIP kit for your immunoassay.

Steve Knight, Chromatrap® 's Marketing Director, explains why Chromatrap® wanted a new website and how it will engage researchers all over the world: 

“We wanted a fresh approach and with more than 30 different kits for ChIP analysis and a rapidly expanding portfolio of ChIP-validated antibodies with primers we needed a better way for our scientist colleagues to find the right product."

"Chromatrap® have invested with digital marketing professionals to build the site, run it and help engage research scientists with our content. The new site offers video tutorials, interviews with respected researchers in the field as well as on-line protocols and our popular ‘Top Ten Tips’ guides. The result is a bright, clear site that is easy to navigate and signposts new users and experienced ChIP-researchers to the right resources."

“We want scientists who know what they need to be able to find the right product quickly, download the protocol and if they are happy with it, to be able to order the product for immediate delivery directly from the site. Users can also find tutorials and explanations if they are new to ChIP, so our new site meets the needs of both of these groups.”

To find out more about Chromatrap® please not not hesitate to contact the team or browse our expanded range of revolutionary ChIP kits online.