09 Aug 2016
3 benefits of using Chromatrap®’s FFPE ChIP-Seq kits

Chromatrap®’s FFPE ChIP-Seq kits are known for providing a quicker, easier and more efficient way of performing ChIP assays from a range of FFPE samples. Chromatrap® is incredibly proud of this kit as it has overcome issues often associated with FFPE ChIP. Instead this kit offers streamlined protocol that provides the user with a high quality isolated chromatin.

This kit contains sufficient Protein A or Protein G based spin-columns, buffers and reagents to perform 24 chromatin immunoprecipitation assays and up to 10 chromatin preparations.

If this sounds like a kit that would help your research, here are 3 benefits of using the FFPE ChIp-Seq kit which explain why it is quicker, easier and more efficient to use!


1. Wide dynamic range

This is kit is compatible with both qPCR and sequencing as a downstream process and has a wide range, ensuring that adequate DNA is enriched for library preparation for sequencing. The wide dynamic range allows for better results from small sample sizes and provides greater flexibility.


2. Technology maximises capture

As with all of our kits, our unique, patented Chromatrap® technology maximises the capture efficiency of the target chromatin/antibody complex.


3. Manual handling errors are reduced

By avoiding the use of magnetic or agarose beads, non-specific background is eliminated altogether and this results in less manual handling errors and subsequent sample loss.



Prior to sequencing, DNA purification is required and Chromatrap® supply purification columns for ease of use.

For more information about our FFPE ChIP-Seq kits please visit our ChIP products page or contact us for more information.