Who Uses Chromatrap?

As a revolutionary solid state platform for chromatin immunoprecipitation, Chromatrap® is popular with laboratories and research institutes all over the world. We are incredibly proud of our products and it is always fantastic to see others experiencing Chromatrap®’s benefits. Here is an example of some of the organisations that we have worked with since Chromatrap® launched.



Harvard University

A Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard University has used Chromatrap® for many years. He was first introduced to the kits when he was a PHD student at RICE University. An example of his work with Chromatrap® can be found in our publication section. He continues to use the kits and encourages other colleagues to try Chromatrap®. To find out more about our work with Harvard University, there is a special interview in our Articles section.


University of Michigan

Chromatrap® kits have been purchased by the University of Michigan for their research and we recently spoke to their lab to find out how they are using Chromatrap®:

“I am the person in the lab that has been using the Chromatrap® ChIP qPCR kits. I was introduced to the Chromatrap® system when I was working at the Medical College of Wisconsin. We found the columns to be superior to the magnetic bead based systems available at that time. Some of our work using the Chromatrap® ChIP system has been recently published in Drug Metabolism & Disposition."


Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca, Instituto Murciano de Investigación Biosanitaria (IMIB)

Based in Murcia, Spain, the  Murciano Institute for Biosanitary Research use Chromatrap® kits in their research.


RICE University

RICE University use ChIP in their research and they have collaborated with Swansea University and Chromatrap®.


University of Cambridge

Since their first order in 2014, University of Cambridge have continued to purchase kits from Chromatrap®.



We have worked with two different groups at Novartis and they have both tested trial kits and then purchased kits from Chromatrap®. We are now working together on product development for new products.


Cancer Research UK

During 2015, Cancer Research UK purchased kits from Chromatrap® and have used them for their research.


For more information about Chromatrap® and how it can help your research, please visit our Technology section.