The Chromatrap® Technology



Chromatrap® is a unique bead-free platform for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP). ChIP is carried out using a solid-state filter (vs. beads floating in liquid or packed). This filter is composed of an inert porous polymer matrix with Protein-A or Protein-G on the surface and throughout the structure.

This increased surface area maximizes immunocapture of antibody-chromatin complexes from your samples. 

Easy to use simple spin column protocol with no fiddly wash steps

Unrivalled low background inert filter surface repels non-specific binding

Fast workflow high quality data in under 5 hours

No Sample loss sample captured and retained on filter until elution

Less manual handling reduced handling means less handling errors

High throughput capability process 96 samples in parallel on a single plate



Best for sensitivity perfectly orientated proteins ensure binding pockets are presented to the antibody-chromatin complex

Exceptional signal-to-noise inert filtration material coupled with superior orientation technology ensure you enrich more of the chromatin you want without capturing the protein you don’t

High binding capacity optimally orientated highly ordered protein arrangement throughout the filter provides maximised surface area for binding


How does Chromatrap® perform in the laboratory?

Up to 10x greater signal with Chromatrap®

Lowest amount input material:highest DNA yield

Best signal-to-noise of any ChIP kit

No non-specific binding

Highest positive target enrichment, lowest negative target pull-down

Widest dynamic range 50ng - 50µg

Shorter protocol, simpler process

No sample loss 

“Chromatrap® is an easy product to use, more efficient and very effective. If you compare Chromatrap® with older methods, it basically saves you a whole day of time!”
Dr Curtis Warren, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard University

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