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Protein Extraction Kit

Buffers for extracting total, cytoplasmic and nuclear protein

The Chromatrap® Protein Extraction kit is a fast and efficient method of extracting cytoplasmic, nuclear or total protein from mammalian cells. The optimised reagents and protocol provide a high yield of protein with low cross-fraction contamination in under 1.5 hours.

  • Fast - Non-denatured, active proteins purified in 90 minutes.

  • Simple - No ultracentrifugation over gradients

  • Efficient - No cross-fraction contamination

  • Compatible Perfect for Western blotting, gel-shift assays, protein assays, reporter gene assays and enzyme activity assays.

Chromatrap Protein Extraction Kit
Product Code : 500283
Chromatrap Protein Extraction Kit
Product Code : 500283
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2 Reagents Supplied

  • 10 x Cytoplasmic Buffer (20ml)
  • Nuclear Buffer (20ml)

Sufficient reagents are provided to perform 100 cytoplasmic and nuclear or total protein extractions. From 8 million cells, the kit typically yields 1000 µg cytoplasmic and nuclear protein and 2000 µg total protein

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