Chromatrap’s New and Improved FFPE ChIP-seq Kit
18 May 2017
Chromatrap’s New and Improved FFPE ChIP-seq Kit

FFPE ChIP-seq Assay Kit for Tissues, Biopsies and Difficult to Lyse Samples

Chromatrap® has introduced a new and improved version of its popular solid phase chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay kit for chromatin extracted from Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) tissue. 

Ideal for tissue samples, biopsies and difficult to lyse samples, the Chromatrap® FFPE ChIP-seq kit has overcome the issues often associated with FFPE ChIP, by offering a streamlined protocol which provides the user with excellent quality isolated chromatin. 

If you think the FFPE ChIP-seq kit  will aid your research, we’ve highlighted some of the improvements in version 1.1  – so it’s even more efficient and easier to use! 

A shorter protocol

The shorter protocol eliminates the requirement of enzymatic digestion of tissue, meaning less manual handling steps are needed, and chromatin extraction is made even more effective. 

Increased chromatin yield  

Changing the extraction process means you’ll be able to achieve higher amounts of chromatin in the soluble fraction, ensuring plenty of chromatin for immunoprecipitation. 

More accessible epitopes

Another improvement of the FFPE kit ensures a more efficient extraction, which in turn allows better access for the antibodies to the epitopes. 

Greater flexibility in chromatin sample loading for ChIP

There is now a wider range of chromatin loading, meaning that up to 900µl can be loaded per IP if required 

DNA purification reagents and columns now included for user convenience

Since eluted DNA requires clean up prior to downstream assays, Chromatrap’s DNA purification columns and buffers, which are now included in the kit for convenience, are optimised to remove any unwanted impurities while providing efficient DNA recovery from samples.


For more information about our FFPE ChIP-seq kits please visit our ChIP products page or contact us for more information.