Buy more for less: Chromatrap® announced price adjustments
09 Feb 2017
Buy more for less: Chromatrap® announce price adjustments

Price reductions of up to 12% for customers across Europe and the United States

Chromatrap®’s latest announcement is excellent news for all customers based outside the UK – we have worked hard to ensure that all our consumers get the best value for their money, regardless of whether they are paying in Euros, Dollars or Pound Sterling. To account for the fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Pound, we have reduced the prices of our products in Euros and Dollars, allowing you to buy online now at the best possible rate, regardless of your geographical location. 


Chromatrap® makes the most of the post-EU referendum global market

It is a common opinion amongst experts that the reason why the Pound has been particularly volatile since the UK voted to leave the European Union in June last year – seeing a rapid downward trend for the first time in decades – lies with the large amounts of uncertainty still surrounding Brexit and the future of the UK’s trade relationships with the rest of the world.

Chromatrap® attempts to make the best of this uncertain situation by turning it into good news and reducing the prices of our products for non-UK customers to make them even more accessible for our customers in America and Europe – with typical savings of as much as 12% in comparison to our previous pricing.

Start saving now from anywhere in the world – discover our range of revolutionary ChIP kits available to purchase online today or contact our team for further information.