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gDNA Removal Columns

Removal of Genomic DNA for High Quality Total RNA

Eliminating genomic DNA (gDNA) from cell lysates prior to RNA extraction increases the yield and purity of extracted total RNA. The Chromatrap® gDNA Removal Columns uses a simple load and spin method efficiently captures unwanted gDNA on the membrane allowing flowthrough of gDNA-free cell lysate for use with any suitable RNA extraction method. 

  • 30 second, enzyme-free gDNA removal
  • Load and spin method for gDNA-free, total RNA
  • Highly specific gDNA removal. Save precious RNA sample
  • Ideal for DNA-sensitive applications 

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Enzyme-free gDNA Removal

  • Simple, one-step centrifugation method

Quick & Easy

  • Obtain gDNA-free cell lysates in 30 seconds

Maximise RNA Purity

  • Single-use columns eliminates risk of contamination
  • Highly specific removal of gDNA for increased total RNA yield and purity

Compatible with all RNA extraction methods.

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Chromatrap® gDNA Removal Columns
Product Code : 500338
Chromatrap® gDNA Removal Columns
Product Code : 500338
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1 Pack of 50 Chromatrap gDNA Removal spin columns

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