03 Nov 2016
Struggling with chromatin in your ChIP assays? Chromatrap® makes sonication and enzymatic shearing easy

The success of any ChIP assay is dependent upon the quality of the chromatin. Whether you need to prepare your chromatin using mechanical fragmentation (sonication) or enzymatic digestion, Chromatrap® has you covered. Offering both types of extraction kit, Chromatrap® gives you the flexibility to apply different methods to meet your research needs.


Chromatrap®’s optimised unique buffer chemistry provides the solution for the isolation of high quality and high yield chromatin and has been used in a number of recent publications, including investigations into G-quadruplex structures in human regulatory chromatin and receptor signals in natural killer cells.


Chromatrap® sonication shearing kit (Cat no 500239) and Chromatrap® enzymatic shearing kit (Cat no 500165) contain buffers for up to 10 chromatin preparations and guarantee the best quality chromatin from your samples.


Chromatrap® is a business unit of Porvair Sciences with R&D and production laboratories in Wales. The extensive product range includes ChIP kits, DNA clean up kits and other innovative products for epigenetic research. Now cited in more than twenty papers Chromatrap ChIP technology is rapidly becoming the method of choice for fast and efficient ChIP assays.


The graphics below illustrate how Chromatrap® is best utilised in both enzymatic and sonication shearing processes.


Sonication Shearing Process


Enzymatic Shearing Process

Order your Chromatrap Shearing Kit today or consult our detailed guide to find out which product is the best choice for your research.