30 May 2016
Harvard University: “Chromatrap® is an easy product to use, more efficient and very effective for chromatin immunoprecipitation.”

Chromatrap® is currently being used in laboratories and research institutes all over the world, as they see first-hand the benefits of its revolutionary technology. Chromatrap® is a solid state platform for chromatin immunoprecipitation which uses spin columns or 96 well microplates.


One institute that has been using Chromatrap® for many years and seeing its benefits is Harvard University. Curtis Warren, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard University, first used Chromatrap® in 2012 and we recently spoke to him about his experience using the kits.


What do you do at Harvard University?

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow and I do research at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, where we study cardiovascular disease and diabetes using human pluripotent stem cells.


Can you describe a typical working day?

We do a lot of cell culture and when I am not doing that I work at the bench with molecular biology. The rest of my time is spent reading papers and writing.


When did you first hear about Chromatrap®?

During grad school in Texas, when I met a professor from Swansea University. He was doing a couple of months in Texas and working very closely in our lab. During this time he showed us how to use Chromatrap® for chromatin immunoprecipitation (CHIP). It was very helpful in getting one of our experiments to work. Since then, every time that I have wanted to do CHIP I have used Chromatrap®.


Why do you like using Chromatrap®?

In Chromatrap®’s case there really isn’t a kit that does what it can do. The alternative commercial products are old fashioned and more laborious bead-based ChIP kits. You can even perform bead-based ChIP by just scraping together different reagents. Chromatrap® is an easy product to use, more efficient and very effective. If you compare Chromatrap® with older methods, it basically saves you a whole day of time!


What makes Chromatrap® unique?

It is quite infrequent to have a new disruptive product like Chromatrap®. The techniques that we use have been around for a long time, so Chromatrap®’s innovative design definitely makes it unique.


Why would you recommend Chromatrap® to other researchers?

The big thing about Chromatrap® is its efficiency and ease of use, plus the fact that it actually works! People who have used ChIP in the past will understand the laborious nature of this technique. If they want to decrease time and effort required to get their results, I would definitely recommend Chromatrap®!


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