Chromatrap Sonication Shearing Kit protocol

In a ChIP assay, DNA-protein complexes (chromatin) are fixed by the formation of cross links to preserve the interactions. The chromatin is then extracted and sheared either by sonication or enzymatic digestion into small fragments. The DNA-protein fragments are selectively immunoprecipitated using antibodies directed against the protein of interest and the resulting fractions treated to separate the DNA and protein components. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Real Time PCR, hybridization on microarrays, or direct sequencing are typically used to identify DNA fragments of defined sequence.


Although all Chromatrap application kits (qPCR & Sequencing) contain shearing components to suit your favourite method, depending on the number of immunoprecipitations you may perform it is easy to quickly run out of reagents. Our shearing kits are specially created to give you the flexibility of using only what you need.The Chromatrap Sonication Kit ensures the highest quality chromatin preparation from adherent cells. 

Highlights of Sonication Kit

Optimized for adherent & suspension cells

Generates small DNA fragments (100-500bp) ideal for downstream sequencing applications

No buffer preparations required (vs. Active Motif)

Kit contains 10 chromatin preparations


To find out more, download the full PDF version of this protocol.