Chromatrap HT DNA Size Selection v1.0

The Chromatrap® HT Size Selection kit is designed for size selection of DNA fragments from a wide range of sources including PCR mixtures, ChIP samples, restriction enzyme digestions, ligations and NGS sequencing library reactions. Using proprietary filtration media, high quality DNA fragments of desired size can be effectively selected in under 5 minutes. Buffers are optimised to remove any unwanted impurities while providing efficient DNA recovery from samples at the selected size.


DNA obtained using the Chromatrap® HT Size Selection kit is suitable for sensitive reactions such as ligation, PCR, and Next Generation Sequencing (ChIP seq, Medip seq, etc). DNA fragments 200 bp, 150 bp, 100 bp, 50 bp can be recovered efficiently and quickly using Chromatrap® HT Size Selection columns. The Chromatrap® HT Size Selection kit is ideal for removing unwanted DNA fragments such as primer dimers formed during NGS library preparation or free nucleotides from PCR reactions.