Meet Chromatrap at Boston Convention Center for the Festival of Genomics Boston 2017
03 Oct 2017
Festival of Genomics Boston 2017

Overview of the Festival of Genomics Boston

Who: Front Line Genomics

When: 3-4 October

Where: Boston Convention Center, Boston, US

Stand No: 717

What: The Festival is a 3 day celebration of genomics across the spectrum from the lab to the clinic, taking in new research, technology and advances in medicine. Essentially it’s the ultimate genomic gathering. The aim is to unite the different stakeholders of the community around a series of progress-critical topics. We’ve removed the usual boundaries and walls to create a spirit of unity distinct from anything else in the calendar.

Don’t forget to let us know in advance if you are thinking of attending the event and if you have any particular questions that you want to ask our team!